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Pool and Spa Chemicals

Whether you’re looking for pool or spa chemicals, visit CIVIC POOL & SPA SHOP today. Based within Greensborough, we stock a wide range of chemicals at affordable prices.

The Right Chemical for Your Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa Chemicals Greensborough

Visit CIVIC POOL & SPA SHOP today and let our chemical experts find the right chemicals for your pool and spa.

By analysing your pool and spa water, our team identifies its unique chemistry and assists you in the selection of the chemicals.

Our extensive range of chemicals includes premium lines, such as Lo Chlor, Focus and Poppits.

We assist you in the selection of chemicals

Premium Range of Water Treatment Chemicals

To keep your pool and spa in the best condition, it’s essential to use the right chemicals. At CIVIC POOL & SPA SHOP, we help you keep your leisure space clean and sparkling.

We offer a premium range of water treatment chemicals, filters, pumps, and more, for spas and pools. Combining our years of  experience and knowledge, we provide a consistent, quality and comprehensive service. Call us today for a free quote.

Pool and Spa Chemicals Greensborough

Consistent, quality and comprehensive service

Why Choose Us?

  • Years experience
  • Reliable and dedicated team
  • High standard services
  • Quality products
  • Affordable prices
  • Free water testing

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